is a nonprofit housed by the Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence located in the Interfaith Chapel on the University of Rochester river campus. The microfarm is student run and sells produce to the Meliora restaurant on campus. The goals of the microfarm are to promote sustainability, be an academic resource and promote positive community interactions. The mission of the Micro-farm is to advance UR’s sustainability efforts by providing local food for student consumption while educating the community of social justice issues surrounding food. At the Micro-farm students and community members cultivate vegetables, fruits and herbs to be sold to UR Dining Services. The UR Micro-farm creates positive student-community interactions, educates students through active learning and, above all, instills in UR students a conscientious mindset in food consumption and production.

Meet the Managers

Meet the Managers
Eric Semmel, 2014

Caitlyn Childress, 2014

Meet Our Founders

Meet Our Founders
Caitlin Smigelski (left), Annalise Kjølhede (right)
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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Wilson Foundation Academy

This spring, we're working with a middle school in the Rochester City School District to educate a group of 8th graders about sustainable microfarming.  They came out to the MicroFarm for their first visit on March 31st and helped us turn over some beds and prepare the ground for planting.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wilson Day and Produce Updates

When Eric and I came back from out of town, we returned to a number of enthusiastic volunteers, huge beets, stubby carrots, ruined tomatoes, and more. The following photos show you what we saw when we returned to the farm.

The kids of Whipple Park love playing on the land we haven't touched yet.
They told us they were convinced we were spies.

This is what a lot of our tomatoes looked like unfortunately.

I bit into a beet and a tomato. The tomato was sweet and delicious
 and the beet was hard, but tasty.

This was our first time growing cucumbers. Who would have thought they were prickly!

Here's an edible flower that has a bite to it. Below it are
little weeds that enrich the soil.

This photo is blurry because it was taken on a camera phone, but here is our
Wilson Day volunteers from Hoeing 2. They worked hard on weeding
and then gathered wood chips, sticks, rocks,
and old snail shells to make us a new sign for the farm.
Thanks for your help guys!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

First Post of the Season!

This is the beginning to many posts that will be available for anyone interested. Our goal in starting this blog is to keep a number of people updated on the foods being grown, how they're doing, and approximately what time they'll be ready. It's also a great outlet to just let readers see what's going on at the farm and what everything looks like. Check in weekly starting August 30th for more MicroFarm updates!

We got some wood chips from an old tree that facilities chopped up.
Weeding, weeding, and more weeding.

Here's our pepper from our 'mixed pepper' seeds. This is the only one like it that we have.

We have a long row of these. Check out the holes in the leaves- something's been snacking!

Our little cucumber :)

Some flowering oregano...

...and even more oregano.

Most of our tomatoes are still green.

We have loads of healthy beets that are about the size of a peanut shell. 

We have a couple kale plants coming along great.